What makes the difference in the world of fashion are the leaders and not the followers.

Axel Accessories continuously pursue recognition from women all over the world.

We are therefore constantly finding ways to go beyond our expectations. New designs, top quality, excellent service, creative new collections in clothes, footwear and accessories which are for the modern, dynamic and demanding woman so she can express her multi personality and her unique and individual style.


Three stores in Thessaloniki, two - in Athens

5 stores in Greece (5)

Axel Accessories - Mitropoleos
Address: 45 Mitropoleos St., Thessaloniki
Phones: (+30)2310 265-566
Axel Accessories - Egnatia
Address: 38 Egnatia St., Thessaloniki
Phones: (+30)2310 517-171
Axel Accessories - Mediterranean Cosmos
Address: Mediterranean Cosmos, Thessaloniki
Phones: (+30)2310 471-471
Axel Accessories - Glifada
Address: 14 Aggelou Metaksa St., Glifada
Phones: (+30)210 898-03-55
Axel Accessories - Halandri
Address: corner of Platonos 9 & Haimanda St., Halandri
Phones: (+30)210 680-15-29