Koutsogianopoulos Wine Museum

Address: Vofon village, Thira 84700, Santorini

Phone: (+30)22860 313-22

Despite its small size, the island of Santorini has its own "wine route," such as you'll find in France or California. Wine-making on Santorini is a tradition that goes back 3,500 years, so one can expect that Santorinians know what they're doing.

The Koutsogianopoulos Wine Museum is a must-see on any trip to Santorini, and especially for those doing a wine tour. It chronicles the traditional wine-making culture on Santorini going back to the 1660's. This unique "museum in a cave" lies 8 meters below the surface of the ground. Its labyrinthine scheme is the fruit of 21 years of labor by the Koutsogianopoulos family. It's comprised of 24 barrel-vaulted rooms, many of which have dioramas with true to life mockups of Santorinians in traditional dress from times past going through the complex process of the vintner's art.

You'll be able to examine original, rare machinery used in making wine. There is also the preserved office of founder Gregory Koutsogianopoulos with his personal effects dating from 1870. The tour is conducted in 14 pre-recorded languages. The tour ends in the tasting room where you can sample the fruit of the winery's labor, and purchase any wines that agree with your palette.