Paros Museum of Folklore’s Small Masterpieces

Aliki, Paros, close to the Paros airport, is home to the Museum of Cycladic Folklore. Sitting on a piece of land decorated with olive trees, woodbine and other ornamental plants, this open-air museum is a unique place where you can visit important Cycladic structures and archeological sites in miniature without having to take an actual ferry to the islands where their full-sized counterparts are.

The museum in the handiwork of fisherman Benetos Skiadis, who built the miniatures, most of which stand no more than a meter high, by hand from local materials.

Objects created by Mr. Skiadis include a fleet of commercial, naval and fishing boats, replicas of the monastery of Panagia Chozoviotissas in Amorgos, the church of the Panagia on Tinos, the Andros lighthouse, the Venetian castle of Paros, a 3-meter tall traditional working windmill which can grind 10 kilos of wheat an hour, the ancient theatre of Milos, the lions of Delos, and Tinos dovecotes (pigeon houses).

The museum is open every day, May 1- September 30, from 9:30 AM- 2 PM.

Address: Aliki, Paros

Phone: (+30)22840 913-91

(+30)22840 911-29