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Active Sable House

Exclusive collection by “Active Sable House”

Timeless products from the most famous Greek brand specializing in Russian sable fur!

Classic, fashionable designs that accent feminine silhouettes and premium Russian Sable skins is the ideal combination for special and luxurious furs.

Sable is considered one of the most luxurious and expensive furs in the world. It is lighter, softer, more beautiful and 95% more durable than other types of fur.

Active Sable House specializes in the production of sable furs, with many years of experience, excellent craftsmanship and the best experts in their field. As the largest buyer of sable fur at the “Soyuzpushnina” auction in St. Petersburg, the company has the ability to produce more than two thousand garments per year.

Company’s experienced consultants will help you choose the perfect sable fur coat, according to your personal style and, of course, your budget. The collection contains both economy and very high Luxury items.

With each purchase, an appropriate certificate is provided, as well as a special cover that will help to properly maintain your fur coat. You will be provided with all the detailed information about the transportation and proper storage of the fur coat on site, from the company's specialists.

Buying a sable fur coat at Active Sable House is a unique experience for every modern, sophisticated and confident woman who wants to emphasize her individuality and has the knowledge to appreciate the rich texture and effort done behind luxury!

Company’s history

Active Sable House is a joint partnership of experienced furriers which dates back to 1993. Appreciating it’s craftsmen love for sable, the company developed an exclusive Sable Furs department almost 15 years later.

Today Active Sable House is proud to be one of the most recognized Russian Sable Fur brand in the world. For more than a decade, the company has been present in most of the events around the world regarding the Fur industry.

Address: 11th km Kastorias - Kozanis National Road, 520 57, Greece

Phone: (+30)24670 274-04