Saint John Hotel Villas & Spa

Five star holidays in Saint John Hotel Villas & Spa, Mykonos

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Agrari restaurant & beach bar

In the picturesque and cosmopolitan beach in Mykonos Agrari, it's many years now that it remains one of the most romantic restaurants on the island ... With uninterrupted views you will be sure amazed by Agrari Beach Restaurant ...

All our products are prepared with Organic materials, passion and absolute cleanliness because we care about proper hygiene and preparation.

Local meat, greens, local vegetables and spices from the island are the key ingredients used to prepare the dishes.

We are waiting for you ...!

Address: Agrari, Mykonos

Phone: (+30) 22890 712-95

Nissaki Boutique Hotel. Platy Gialos, Mykonos

Luxury holidays in Mykonos, in Nissaki Boutique Hotel

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