The Athens Gate Hotel
City-centre hotel with stunning panoramic views
The Athens Gate Hotel
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AMALTHIA cosmetics are real “jewels” for your making up and beauty. With the nature allied and its natural substances, cosmetics of unequalled beauty and excellent quality are created.  The perfect combination of olive oil and plenty of plant extracts guarantees a natural body-, face- and hair care. Their pure nutritious ingredients are so essential that could be called “food” of the skin making them proper for people with very sensitive skin or people with allergies. With the help of intensive researches AMALTHIA family continuous to grow, producing high quality goods. Try today the AMALTHIA cosmetics and start a new relationship for a lifetime because… AMALTHIA products are forever!

For health issues the best advisor is your doctor or your pharmacist. The use of the samples is necessary before the use of the products. 

All AMALTHIA products are approved by the National Medical Organization.

Address: St. Dimitrios, Rethymno 741 00, Crete

Phone: (+30) 28310 717-40

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