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The Athens Gate Hotel
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Baladinos, since 1928


The raw materials weprocess our facilities consistsof 100% fresh sheep and goat's milk. This milk comes exclusively from farms located in the mountainous county of Chania and Rethymno. All our producers are affiliated with the Greek Milk Organisation and subject in both the regular monitoring of ELOGAK and at predetermined veterinary checks by the competent services. The Balantinos company maintains long-term cooperation with farmers in the region thus ensuring a consistent quality of the raw material for the production of dairy products.

“To preserve the cheese tradition we inherited, we must be focused on customer satisfaction. To achieve this, we have to be committed to only the highest quality”

Spyros Baladinos

Address: 25 Skalidi Str, Chania, 731 00, Crete

Phone: (+30) 28210 955-17

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