b boutique

Address: 8 Ermou St., 8th floor, Athens

Phone: (+30)210 322-77-60

(+30)28210 553-63

At bridal boutique we carefully collect the most styling, qualitative and desirable wedding dresses of the world, for brides that they really want to stand out.

We host famous designers with strong personality, addiction to perfection, implementation and material selection even down to every single detail.

Only the very best has its place here without any compromises.

In our new & luxurious facilities located right in the center of Athens city, you will most definitely enjoy having all exclusive personalized services from our experienced personnel captivated by the magical view of Acropolis.

Here, together we will select the one dress that perfectly matches your personality. Simply the one that will make you feel wonderful!

Choosing a wedding dress should be a unique experience, exactly as our dresses are.