Phos Byzantino Jewels

The fifty year experience we acquired through our first family store and the inspiration derived from our passion for ancient greek, byzantine and modern greek traditions led to the creation of two further stores in the Acropolis area of Athens (12, D. Areopagitou st) and in Enigma Mall, in N. Moudania, Halkidiki.

In our welcoming and graceful premises our customers experience greek art and civilization through jewellery designed and crafted exclusivery by greek craftsmen specialized in the art of handmade jewellery. Every piece of jewellery is thereby accompanied by a guarantee of its authenticity and its materials.

Your selections may be futher enriched by exceptional objets d' art or collectible items also on display in our stores. Every jewel and object in our collections constitutes a truly greek aesthetic and cultural experience.

We are awaiting to help you choose the one that best expresses you.

Address: 2 stores (Athens & Halkidiki)

Phone: (+30)23730 210-08

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Byzantino Jewels - Athens
12 Dionysiou Areopagitou Str, Athens, 105 58, Attica
(+30)210 325-27-39

Byzantino Jewels - Halkidiki
Enigma Mall, Nea Moudania, 632 00, Halkidiki
(+30)23730 210-08