City car rental

A new car rental, the CITY CAR RENTAL, was founded in Thessaloniki in 2013 to offer you:

  • New cars in a variety of models in each category
  • Delivery – pick up cars in the city's transport hub
  • Friendly service
  • Immediate response to every call (phone or online)
  • Information for travel, tourist destinations and hotels
  • Unbeatable Prices
  • Special discount packages for rent

CITY CAR RENTAL, is a new car rental company operating in Northern Greece and is based in Thessaloniki. 

Its headquarters are in the city center and works with the majority of hotels in Thessaloniki and the surrounding areas, offering our clients a wealth of information for easy transport and accommodation in them. 

With stations in Macedonia airport and other transport hubs of the city such as Bus Station, Railway Station, Port - can cover your need for car Rental. 

The company has a modern fleet of new and reliable cars of every class and displacement, in absolute competitive prices, to choose the one that suits you. 

The experience and the professionalism of the staff, combined with the friendly service and excellent services, offer you a guarantee for a pleasant stay and fun in the city of Thessaloniki and the surrounding areas. 

Trust the CITY CAR RENTAL and enjoy driving!

Address: Offices in Thessaloniki and Kavala

Phone: (+30)2310 202-029