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City Star Rent a car

Address: 21 Antheon Str, Ano Glyfada, 16674

Phone: (+30)210 964-02-00

The “City Star Rent a Car” is a business attempt of ours which has the aim to provide a qualitative service and cover the rental needs of people visiting Athens and more specifically its suburb of Glyfada and the other Southern parts of the town.

With the wide range of well prepared vehicles, we are offering our service mainly for the Russian speaking clients as the owner of the company is also from Russia and can not only communicate with clients in their language  but also provide them with the necessary travelling information in order for their staying in Athens and renting a car would be a pleasant experience.

If you are one of those visiting Athens who want to explore every part of it or travel to any another destination in Greece by rented car, contact our office sending an email or just make us a phone call  and we will provide you with the desired vehicle either at our office in Glyfada or deliver it to any other hotel in Athens or to the airport.