Women's Clothing

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Inspira Inspira
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The irresistible Aegean light makes the lines look thinner and points out the essential. The heart opens up, the mind clears, senses get sharpened

Marie Doré Marie Doré
(+30)2310 856-256

The purpose of Marie Doré Fashion & Plus Sizes is to offer a full collection of the most elegant and chic brand names of plus size clothing mostly and accessories

Sani Blu Sani Blu
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Good prices, very nice quality and fit, have made SANI BLU successful in the Europe market (Germany, Austria, Switzerland - Belgium - Netherlands and France)

Ntona Ntona
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Ntona stores create and bring their own special fashion proposals to exclusively women clothes

Billy Sabbado Billy Sabbado
(+30)2310 307-802

Billy Sabbado has the mission to transform everyday woman into a chic and dynamic personality, who accomplishes everything with her own unique style!

Rococo Rococo
(+30)2310 273-591

The strategy and philosophy of ROCOCO is a result of experience and tradition. Our designers study the way of life searching how this can expressed in every day clothing.

(+30)2310 283-463

The most famous company, after an official statistics research, in the heart of Thessaloniki with unique models in the best prices


Elegant clothing and swimwear. Be the Best Version of “YOU “

Romeo & Juliet Romeo & Juliet
(+30)23750 717-20

In our store you will find clothes and accessories for men and women for every age and for all range of prices, as also many beachwear suggestions

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