Women's Clothing

Marie Doré
Outlet Outlet
(+30)26610 446-46

Here you will find exquisite models from Burberry, Polo Ralph Lauren, La Martina, Boss, Trussardi, Moschino and exclusive accessories to satisfy even the most demanding fashionistas!

Gant Store Gant Store
(+30)26610 223-29

In our updated store in Corfu, you will find a collection of elegant men's and women's sportswear according to the latest European trends

Exclusive Exclusive
(+30)26610 230-10

Visit the most exclusive shop at the old town of Corfu where you will find the best offers & best prices in women's and men's clothes

Kaliston Art Kaliston Art
(+30)26610 335-89

Our creations, although of high utility are not mass produced. Photographic compositions, engravings, paints, or any other kind of visual expression form the artistic starting point of our finished product

Driftwood Boutique Driftwood Boutique
(+30)23750 711-20

As the driftwood the main decorative element of the boutique wanders in the sea until it reaches a unique beach, similarly women visitors will find their own port of style, elegance and fashion at Driftwood Boutique

Natalie Natalie
(+30)23750 237-62

The new collection of Nikiti store promises to refresh your summer style because it will provide you with a wide varietey of clothes and accessories from French and selected quality Greek companies

Jolly Boutique Jolly Boutique
(+30)23740 207-35

All our collection was chosen to find what you dream at fantastic prices. Clothes for all tastes at prices that will amaze you

Edward Jeans Edward Jeans
(+30)2310 688-560

The brand’s main concept is to express lifestyle through our collections ( men and women ), combine denim with fashion, unique design with global trends

Mimi D.lux Mimi D.lux
(+30)251 023-15-79

MIMI D.lux is located in the second floor of Kavala’s reknown downtown ALEXANDER THE GREAT shopping mall – a renovated old tobacco factory

Parabita Parabita
(+30)2152 157-700

With the moto #Fashion Unlimited, every curvy woman, regardless of her age, will find the latest fashion trends and the largest brand names of the plus size market

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