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Enjoy the true Greek hospitality at luxury hotels and villas, located in the most beautiful corners of Greece.

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bioaroma bioaroma
(+30)28410 822-93

We have developed 100% natural herbal cosmetics based on research and archaeological finds that have been past down from generation to generation

Minoan Life Minoan Life
(+30)2811 754-207

A complete skin care product line for the face and body, solely based on olive oil and other natural herbs found in Crete.

BIOselect BIOselect
(+30)28310 212-80

BIOselect products can be purchased at cosmetics and bio products stores throughout Greece, as well as from it sofficial eshop

Aphrodite Skin Care Aphrodite Skin Care

Our philosophy is to provide our customers with the best quality olive oil skin care products and to excel at customer service

Macrovita Olive.elia Macrovita Olive.elia
(+30)210 252-33-80

Macrovita remains in the vanguard since 1984, due to the commitment of its founders to their dedicated use of natural ingredients and their persistence in constant creative innovations

Carroten Carroten

Enriched with vitamins A+E and other natural ingredients, Carroten became the first mass market sun care line with carrot-based composition

Ophelia greek olive oil cosmetics Ophelia greek olive oil cosmetics
(+30)23740 204-24

At the Athos Palace Hotel we have set up a special, modern area where you cand find natural cosmetics based on virgin oil, manufactured in cutting-edge scientific laboratories

Adonis store Adonis store
(+30)22410 332-07

A big store divided in 5 smaler parts that includes 16 different companies of natural Greek cosmetics, clothes for each season of the year and style, shoes and clothes selected by professionals

Pharmaid Pharmaid
(+30)22410 477-83

Pharmaid is a Greek dynamically growing company cosmetic products mainly based in ingredients of the Greek nature

éleon éleon
(+30)210 28-83-314

éleon– deriving from the ancient Greek word for oil– is an innovative skin care line with organic Camelina and Olive oils

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