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«Dapapà» restaurant

Dapapà restaurant, is located on the beautiful cliff above Kavos Beach, in Pefkos, 2 kilometers from the famous Lindos.

Great location surrounded by greenery, with an awesome panorama of the most beautiful beaches of Rhodes which will simply leave you breathless. Dapapà is the ideal place for lunch, spend a relaxing day in our private beach or for a romantic evening to look the sunset thanks for its waterfront location.

A touch of Greek cuisine, a touch of Italian cuisine and lots of fresh fish every day, characterize the style of our dishes. Dapapà is a restaurant for everyone which suits for weddings and other celebrations events.

The restaurant and the beach are equipped with Free WiFi.

Address: Kavos - Pefkos, Rhodes

Phone: (+30) 22440 482-91

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