Cosmetic dentistry «Georgia Sarika» Cosmetic dentistry «Georgia Sarika»
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A person’s need for being beautiful and the confidence which flows from a shiny and well-shaped smile leads him to the dentist who will achieve to accomplish a perfect smile not only functionally but aesthetically as well

Dr. Aristides V. Melkos Dr. Aristides V. Melkos
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In our cabinets we offer you orthodontic services for children and adults, covering the entire spectrum of modern orthodontics

Biodent Konstantopoulos Biodent Konstantopoulos
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Ultramodern dental clinic equipped with the latest technology. Managed by experienced staff, our clinic every day successfully solves the most difficult problems

Tsanidi Kira Tsanidi Kira
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Our team will welcome you in a friendly atmosphere, providing painless treatment, thanks to modern equipment and high quality work

Vasilis Achyropoulos Vasilis Achyropoulos
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The children dental private clinic of Vasilis Achyropoulos is specially designed for the dental needs of children (0-12 years), adolescents (13-18 years old) and people with special (mentally handicapped) needs of any age