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«Dia Tauta» restaurant opened it's  gates on April 2004. Since then, we spent every day serving hundreds of people and making sure they enjoy their time and their meals.

The joy we see on our customers' faces and the friends we have made all these years and we continue making is the biggest satisfaction for us.

Our dishes are consisted by excellent ingredients,which are collected after daily research on the markets, by the owners, in order to ensure their freshness and their quality.

The high quality of our ingredients and their daily renewal allow our excellent chefs to create and release their art on our flavors so that we can guarantee a great result in our dishes.

Furthermore, «Dia Tauta» restaurant is located in the city centre, on Athonos sq. next to Aristotelous square, the most busy block in the city.

Athonos square has easy access by bus,car or even on foot, is located next to the city's market and offers many options in case you'd like to continue your day or night in a baror a music stage.

We will be really happy to meet you and serve you our dishes.

Athonos square, near to Aristotelus square, 54623 Thessaloniki

(+30) 2310 260-384

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