Dimitra Bags

"Dimitra" is the most beautiful bags at the most "elegant" prices!

The Dimitra leather company was founded in 1984 in Nea Moudania of Halkidiki peninsula and since then has played a major role in the vast market of Halkidiki, combining experience with the desire for constant renewal.

The company has a complete collection of modern and classic handbags to suit all the needs of the modern woman. Famous brands such as MIKE.MIKE, GILLIAN, LATOUR EIFFEL PARIS, SAVIL, CONDO and SIVA combine craftsmanship and subtlety. In turn, the Greek companies ELMANI and CONDOR guarantee high quality and unique production of Greek leather handbags from high quality Italian leather.

In addition, the firm offers a modern collection of travel bags, with non-standard, exciting designs at very attractive prices, as well as business bags and wallets with a classic elegant design, and modern collections in a stylish, youthful spirit.

Address: 19 Dimitriou Tzavoura Str, Nea Moudania 632 00, Halkidiki

Phone: (+30)23730 23-952