The Athens Gate Hotel
Luxury stay in Athens, The Athens Gate Hotel
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Dimitri Leather Bags

In our 25 years of presence in the field of leather products we have achieved to meet every costumers expectation providing quality leather bags at the best prices in the market.

All of our products are carefully hand crafted in small greek laboratories by well skilled craftsmen who use traditional methods which have been around for decades. Our bags are made from high quality strong cow leather and have unique designs and meet all functional requirements. Our wide selection of leather bags including leather satchels, briefcases, leather messenger bags, shoulder bags, leather camera bags and leather holdalls are authentic and timeless masterpieces.

In parallel to our retailing services we offer wholesaling and distributing services retaining a huge network of partners which is continuously growing.

The high a of last years combined by the international demand in mens and womens bags concluded in our expansion in the internet market covering the contemporary trading requirements.

We are sure that you will be fully satisfied by our products and services. Our team is executing at the highest level to exceed the expectations of our customers and our partners. We are always available answer your quieries and please feel free to contact us.

21 Kidathineon St., Athens

(+30) 210 331-45-97

Lesante Cape Resort & Villas
Luxury 5-star holidays in Zakynthos, at Lesante Cape Resort & Villas
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