Dios Furs

DIOS FURS classic design with a twist emphasizes detail and dedication to quality for those who settle for nothing but the best. For almost 50 years now, fur garments bearing the DIOS FURS label have become a must-have.

The collections are designed to attract dynamic women seeking luxury without compromising on comfort. These unique fur creations aspire to become the object of desire for every woman wishing to exude an air of glamor each and every day.

Blackglama Kopenhagen Fur Saga Furs

DIOS FURS have always used fur as a unique means of artistic expression. The most masterly methods, top-quality materials and original finishing techniques all contribute to the flawlessness of the end-result. Every piece is singled out for its silky luxury, refined elegance and distinctive femininity.

The company’s skilled furriers are selected based on strict criteria, while the company continually invests in the on-going training of its staff. The people of DIOS FURS are distinguished by their specialized know-how and professionalism.

DIOS FURS collaborates with international auction houses. Their shared dedication to quality has laid the foundations for this collaboration, guaranteeing perfect end-results.

A high standard of client services and the constant creation of development prospects are DIOS FURS’ main objectives.

Creations carrying the DIOS FURS label can be found in places such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Dubai, Cyprus, Halkidiki in Greece and the Greek islands of Rhodes, Crete, and Corfu. Expanding to the European market in the near future is a priority for DIOS FURS and their sales team.

The company selectively participates in international fur fairs around the world.

Address: 2 stores in Greece

Phone: (+30)24670 853-16