Dios Furs

Address: 2 stores in Macedonia

Phone: (+30)24670 853-16

The Dios Furs founded Siatista in 1963 by brothers Nicholas and Elias Dios.

Since then two brothers dealt with the art of fur occupied in the sector of production of ready clothing.

The passion and their love for fur it prompted to advance in the foundation of their own small familial enterprise that in the dues 1974 numbered personal 10 individuals.

The company at all stages of development dealt with the production of ready clothing beginning with skins of fox and astrakan and reaching in the past few year deals for the most part with skins mink, Cat Lynx and Sable which are supplied by international auctions Fur Harvesters American Legend-Blackglama, Saga and Kopenhagen Furs.

BlackglamaKopenhagen FurSaga Furs

In step with the production, Dios Furs penetrated also in the sector of trade, realising exports of her merchandises to the all European countries, America and above all Russia.

In 1990 the company founds annex wholesale in Bulgaria,which is transported in Thessaloniki in 1992, when they began to come the Russian tradesmen. In 1994, follows the creation of shop wholesale and retail sale of ready clothing in the Beach Katerini.

Today the Dios Furs employs in the production clothes,important number of individuals,in manufacture that it maintains in the stone Kastoria while in the same space it allocates also a subsidiary company retail and whole sale.

Her ascendant course led to the creation of also other poins of sale local to Greece, as Rhodes, Crete, Cyprus as well as to countries of abroad as Dubai, Ukraine and naturally in Russia.

Participation, from inception after World Exhibition in Hong Kong, Kastoria and Athens, in combination with the high quality that it allocates him has widely rendered acquaintance in the purchasing public.

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Dios Furs - Kastoria
Address: 10 Petra Kastorias, 50300 Kastoria
Phones: (+30)24670 85-316
    (+30)6979 220-516
Dios Furs - Katerini
Address: Paralia Katerinis 60100, Pieria
Phones: (+30)24670 853-16
Dios Furs - Enigma Mall
Address: Enigma Mall, Nea Moudania, Halkidiki