Dita Furs

Dita Furs was founded in 1971 by Papageorgiadis Alkiviadis, who had been managing the family business for many years and turned it into a respectable company that has retained its original character and traditions.

Today the company is engaged in the production of fur products exclusively in Greece, in the city of Kastoria, specializing in fur coats from mink, fox, sable, lynx, raccoons, from whole skins, as well as from fur pieces.

All furs, used in every Dita Furs garment, are purchased exclusively at the biggest fur auctions AMERICAN LEGEND (BLACKGLAMA), NAFA, SAGA and KOPENHAGEN FUR.

In the company's store you will find a large assortment of the following fur products:

  • Mink coats
  • Mink jackets
  • Mink Vest
  • Sable fur coats
  • Fox fur coats
  • Chinchilla fur coats

Address: Navarinou & 1 Spetson Str, Kastoria 521 00

Phone: (+30)24670 813-60