DOMUS HOMUS is a modern company of chain stores with products of particular aesthetics on furniture and interior decoration.
Having as crucial backup, MSA company in the field of wholesale basis as a thirty- year-experienced company, DOMUS HOMUS  is given the potential of updating and enriching always its unique style of “mixing and matching” attitude towards the newly designed forms and the classic old fashioned ones.  
The inspired designers, after having a continuous roaming in the world, have settled to a particular concept inspired of French South and Flemish North.
The fervent welcome of this style has led to the launch of these retail chain stores under the name DOMUS HOMUS offering the most competitive prices in market addressing to customers of subtle culture and aesthetics.
Nowadays, technology, ecology and sustainable design are shaping the way architects and homeowners build, renovate and otherwise outfit their household living standards.
More and more individuals are becoming aware of the importance of leading life in an environment-friendly manner but at the same time in style, making state-of-the-art design statements. The future requires open minds, green attitude and not slaves to the outdated design solutions and construction methods.
So what’s next?
Environmentalism is the new philosophy of design and DOMUS HOMUS is highly inspired by it.
This ecological approach motivated DOMUS HOMUS company in using mainly natural materials which can be recycled, last longer and require less maintenance.
DOMUS HOMUS designing drive is to create beautiful, harmonious spaces being respectful to the environment, fitting all styles from modern and ethnic to classic.

Address: 6 stores in Greece

All stores

Domus Homus - Mediterranean Cosmos
Mediterranean Cosmos, Thessaloniki
(+30)2310 474-327

Domus Homus - Thessaloniki center
14 Karolou Dil St., Thessaloniki
(+30)2310 240-216

Domus Homus - Kalamaria
43 Ioanni Pasalidi St., Kalamaria Thessaloniki
(+30)2310 440-583

Domus Homus - Golden Hall
Golden Hall, Athens
(+30)210 685 04-61

Domus Homus - Smart Park
Smart Park, Spata Athens
(+30)210 663 52-76

Domus Homus - Ioannina
52 Arh. Makariou St., Ioannina
(+30)26513 007-85