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Duck Private Cheffing

Address: 3 Halkis Str, Patriarhiko, Pylea - 57001, Thessaloniki

The owner and the famous Greek chef Joanna Theodorakaki says: “In Duck  Private  Cheffing we love a lot the good food and respect the raw material. That's why we  select fresh materials of season from a vegetable garden, , fresh meats and recipes cooked with particular taste”.

The interior seems like home, with a big family table. The feature is the large kitchen where there in front of you they preparing the card of the day.

Prices are very friendly, trying to balance between the old season and the modern life style.

Duck is the most successful and the coolest idea for eating out. It becomes the biggest talk of the town & surprise of the year in the city.

Rates: From 20 to 30€ per person with wine.