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El Burrito

Address: 3 Komninon Str & 5 Chrysostomou Smirnis Str, 54224 Thessaloniki

Phone: (+30)2310 220-622

The Mexican Cantina & Cocktaileria “El Burrito” opened in Thessalonica in October 2008. Its name “El Burrito”, Spanish for “little donkey”, is traced back to the Mexican town of Juarez. There, during the revolution of 1910-1921, Juan Mendez, a wandering cook, travelled around with his donkey and wrapped chilli con carne and rice in corn tortillas. Everybody in town searched for the little donkey to taste the delicious treat which became known as Burrito and is now the most popular Mexican dish around the world.

The “El Burrito” Cantina & Cocktaileria in Thessalonica is divided in two parts: one room hosts a Cantina with traditional and creative Mexican cuisine, and just next door, you will find the Cocktaileria; the best cocktail bar in town. Wherever you sit, you will enjoy the company of Frida Kahlo, Emiliano Zapata, Pedro Yfantes, Jorge Negrete, Pancho Villa, Luchadores de Lucha Libre and other great icons of Mexican culture. Every piece of art in the room is a creation of Mexican artists, whose style echoes Cult Latino and Pop Art Vintage!