En lefko

«en lefko» store started 26 years ago, offering high quality and refined home linen to a high taste clientele.

Home linen brings delicacy, sensuality, color and cosiness to a home. We consciously choose every single product like a promise for simple, everyday joys for you to live and to share.

In «en lefko» we love beautiful home linen, high quality and the detail and the texture which we all enjoy to feel. It is not a coincidence that we are the best boutique in the city and probably in the country.

We choose top international brands (Bluemarine, Quagliotti, Grazziano, Tessitura Toscana, Crealba, Jessurum, Carré Blanc, Laura Ashley, etc)

in order to offer you products made with care and finesse and narrate their own strory through the textile tradition.

We also invite you to the second floor of our store, to our friendly Laura Ashley show room, where we expose exclusively for Nothern Greece the whole collection of the famous brand.

Address: 72 Pontou Str, Kalamaria, 551 32, Thessaloniki

Phone: (+30)2310 227-617