Portes Lithos Luxury Resort
New eclectic style hotel in Halkidiki
Portes Lithos Luxury Resort

Erton Group

The company ERTON GROUP was founded in 2003 with the merger of companies ERTON, that existed in Italy since 1983 in the area of ​​Rome, from MONDIPEL based in Düsseldorf, Germany and at the end of the ASTROPEL company based in Kastoria and has as an owner Mr. Peter Kostopoulos.

As the company's headquarters was chosen the city of Kastoria and more specifically the area of  ​​Dispilio. The facilities consist of a number of privately owned buildings where the customer can enjoy luxury hospitality at specially designed areas where we present and sell our products.

The company is fully equipped with the latest technology and suitable areas for the storage and conservation of raw materials and products. All the above and fully qualified workforce together with quality control and ISO provided to the complex manufacturing an excellent result with a high quality final product.

The units of the company coordinate the work of all departments, work with talented designers follow international fashion trends and creating outlets in different parts of the world market such as N. America, Russia, Dubai and  Greece in Athens, Chalkidiki and Crete, have managed so far to consolidate the position of the company in one of the largest companies in the fur area.

Finally the company's products focus on the needs and requirements of modern women for which the style is essential and this gives ERTON GROUP distinctive position in the marketplace.

Address: Dispileo 52057, Kastoria

Phone: (+30)24670 852-03

(+30)24670 852-04