ES by Vrousgos

Es by Vrousgos opened in December of 2011 and was designed by Input Creative Studio, a New York based design studio. The design for ES expands on elements implemented in the store's predecessors, leading retail establishments in Greece over the past decade.

The juxtaposition of natural elements versus manmade materials, references the concept of an abandoned factory that is consumed by nature. An ivy wall pays homage to the original store and demonstrates the harmonious impact of nature taking over a manmade environment. Custom murano glass chandeliers also play upon the contrast of man versus nature.

The use of concrete window displays featuring straight edges and strip lighting, encourage consumers to enter the store. The same effect is achieved with a piping system that runs throughout the space, both dictating the path of movement and guiding one through merchandise. This piping system acts as the "spine" of the store housing lighting and forming a number of displays. The elongated window displays also act as a buffer, allowing shoppers to experience a time of transition between the noisy street and retail environment.

Through the incorporation of brands such as PARAJUMPERS, C.P. Company, Stone Island, Manuel Ritz, Swims, Pantofola D’ Oro, Hell is for Heroes, OTZI3300, Williott, SUN68 the store’s merchandise appeals to a wide variety of customers both male and female. The women’s department is located in the front of the store, while the men’s department is towards the back; encouraging the reluctant male shopper to walk throughout the entire space. The second floor features a designated area for VIP clients to receive high-end and personal treatment. Product ranges from accessories and footwear to casual pieces, suits and outerwear.

The store’s founder has played a large role in the European high-end casual market for the past thirty-eight years and brings this knowledge and expertise into the product and brand selection.

Address: Pavlou Mela 24, Thessaloniki 54622

Phone: (+30)2310 264-223

(+30)2310 260-365