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Akrotiri Beach Resort, Paleokastritsa
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Essence by Shobi

Essence by Shobi founded its first shop in the centre of Thessaloniki, in wide of Athonos square in 2014. Inspired from French perfume maker Jacques Shobi, gives an atmosphere and the uniqueness of a previously season parisian perfumery. Each month we ensure you each new perfume that circulates in the market. You have the chance of smelling and trying, more than 800 types of perfumes of known designers or not.

You will find body and face care products, like creams, body butter, body lotion, body shower, aftershave flavored with your choice of fragrance.

Also there are massage oils for toning and wellness, for relaxation, for muscle pains and colds and cellulite.

Rose water suitable for cleansing and moisturizing (facemist) and bodymist. Essential oils for wellness and relaxation thanks to the beneficial pharmaceutical properties of plants.

Special home gifts like unique plant soy candles that will flavor your rooms with designer type perfume or the fragrance of your choice. On the other hand you can try our aromatic oils with sticks (home diffuser) or with our ceramic burners.

In Essence by Shobi you will find the popular collection of Messinian Spa herbal toiletry. The Messinian Spa enriched with PDO extra virgin olive oil from Kalamata, orange juice from Laconia, honey from Mani, prickly, helichrysum and burning bush from Crete for healthy skin and deep caring.

Address: 2 stores in Thessaloniki

Phone: (+30) 2310 253-696


Essence by Shobi - Center, Thessaloniki

38 Karolou Dil Str, Athonos Sq., Thessaloniki
(+30) 2310 253-696

Essence by Shobi - Delfon, Thessaloniki

90 Delfon Str, Botsari, Thessaloniki