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Falafel House

“Small, but very cozy place with the best falafel in town!” - these are the words most often used to describe Falafel House by its visitors.

Large portions, great taste and excellent service - all of these compliments apply to a small fast food eatery, that offers visitors Falafel - fried balls made from ground chickpeas of fava beans, an excellent choice for vegans.

Highly recommended:

  • Burger Falafel
  • Pleurotus Sandwich - a sandwich with fried mushrooms (Oyster mushrooms), rucola, spinach, tomatoes, onions and green sauce, wrapped in Cyprus pita.

Delicious, hearty and healthy food at a good price - Falafel House has all the characteristics of an ideal fast food!

Address: 54 Alexandrou Svolou Str, Thessaloniki 546 21

Phone: (+30) 2310 238-091

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Nissaki Boutique Hotel. Platy Gialos, Mykonos

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