Fresh Line

Inspired by the Ancient Greek wisdom of botanic therapy and aromatherapy and following secret family recipes, Fresh Line was founded in 1992 in Athens, Greece.

What makes Fresh Line so appealing to the loyal brand lovers from all over the world is its own revolutionary philosophy; to create hand-made, imaginative products in original forms and introduce effective formulas based on fresh, organic and safe ingredients from the rich Greek Nature.

Aiming to cover a wide variety of skin care and beauty needs, the brand has introduced two main product categories. The “Fresh Beauty Bar” includes cosmetics for the face, body and hair, with fresh treats from the kitchen and garden that are sold by weight in any desired quantity, offering great value for money!

The second product category comprises of pre-packed products that are specialized, intensive treatments for the face, hair and body, based on recipes from ancient Greek botanotherapy and aromatherapy, enriched with healing herbs and precious essential oils. What makes these products unique is that the water in the formula has been replaced with herbal tea which consists from a blend of 8 organic herbs from the island of Crete and organic meadowsweet water. Thus, even the base, which usually consists of plain water, becomes an active ingredient offering multiple properties to the skin. All products include at least 12, high in percentage, active ingredients (i.e. essential oils, botanical extracts, oils and vitamins) that offer spectacular results to the skin!

Fresh Line products will guide your senses through a journey of rejuvenation, satisfaction, relaxation and unique nourishment… A journey from ancient to contemporary Fresh beauty practices.

Address: 62 Mitropoleos St., Thessaloniki

Phone: (+30)2310 223-264