Furniture & interior design

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Gerakis Gerakis
(+30)23730 211-21

Gerakis has been a tradition in the field of awning since 1964, with a continuous presentation of new and innovative products

(+30)210 803-67-00

MODA BAGNO SA specializes in selling luxury products for bathroom, kitchen, furniture, office, and garden furniture

Modarte Modarte
(+30)2310 433-000

Presenting furniture, lighting and accessories, the company is an interactive design research center aimed at creating environments that transform people's lives

Stavros Kazakidis S.A Stavros Kazakidis S.A
(+30)2310 472-137

The company Stavros Kazakidis SA has four decades presence in the market and in the sections of lighting and furniture. Into the new buildings in the airport area, 5.500m2, the customer has the capability to choose through a huge variety of products in an excellent environment and with great service

Tsimachidis Home Design Tsimachidis Home Design
(+30)23920 716-10

Tsimachidis offers a large collection of design and handicraft home furniture, accessories, objects, lighting, a wide variety of upholsteries and curtains. All items are either imported from top Italian manufacturers or custom manufactured at your needs in our factory

Corda Antiques & Maison Corda Antiques & Maison
(+30)2310 235-379

The Corda Antiques & Maison was founded in 1989. There, the lover of old can discover rare art objects, lighting and furniture from the 18th, 19th and 20th century

Stoffe Stoffe
(+30)2310 440-355

Stoffe began operating in 2000, having as an incentive, high aesthetics and the choice of special materials and companies

Furniture company "VERFO" Furniture company "VERFO"
(+30)2310 682-816

Thanks to the experience and the skills of our professionals, we are ready to create for you furniture that will decorate your interior, suit your tastes and aesthetic preferences

Arzoglou Arzoglou
(+30)2310 277-849

"D. Arzoglou" furniture company holds paramount position in the furniture and contemporary interior decoration business for the past 30 years


The company A'RTE is one of the largest companies in the furniture, lighting and home decorators with 40 years experience

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