Aris Furs
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Aris Furs Aris Furs
(+30)2310 535-112

Aris Furs company was founded in Thessaloniki, first as a small family business in 1980

Dios Furs Dios Furs
(+30)24670 853-16

The company was founded in Siatista in 1963 by brothers Nicholas and Elias Dios. Since then the two brothers deal with the art of fur production to the ready clothing

Ms Mousios Furs Ms Mousios Furs
(+30)24670 891-91

Ms Mousios Furs is a family business founded in 1960 and its object is the production of finished fur garments. In 1980 Constantine Mousios enter the global market by adding a new dynamic

Estel Furs Estel Furs
(+30)24670 829-10

We are a company, that three generations now, combine Greek furs' finest quality with the incomparable Italian style


Our promise is to care about our customer’s individual needs. Our advantage is the silky touch of fur design which is synonym with the name INNOV

Casiani Casiani
(+30)24670 891-90

Founded in 1991, the company has risen steadily and emerged as one of the most important and fast-growing companies in the furriery

MR Furs MR Furs
(+30)24670 853-48

After 40 years the MAKIS ROUSSOULIS brand has grown into one of the top leading companies worldwide and is a synonym for luxury

By Lazaros By Lazaros
(+30)24670 212-05

Specialized in the field of design, supervision, control and manufactures luxury high quality products and aesthetics, with fur and leather

Marco & George Marco & George

From the early days of the twentieth century, our company offers unique artifacts that can embrace the "finesse" of those who can admire and understand the "real" art in furs and carpets

Gliagias Furs Gliagias Furs
(+30)24670 869-55

Our company is one of the largest fur manufacturers in Greece and its history has more than 40 years of success

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