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Samaras Furs Samaras Furs
(+30)2310 223-540

Samaras Fur and Leather is a fur and leather company that is distinguished in the Greek market, with activity and abroad

Marco & George Marco & George

From the early days of the twentieth century, our company offers unique artifacts that can embrace the "finesse" of those who can admire and understand the "real" art in furs and carpets

Queen Furs Queen Furs

Queens Furs Unique Creations are characterized by the latest fashion trends for stylish modest apparel

MR Furs MR Furs
(+30)24670 853-48

After 40 years the MAKIS ROUSSOULIS brand has grown into one of the top leading companies worldwide and is a synonym for luxury

Paris Furs Paris Furs
(+30)26610 267-33

In Paris Furs store you will find fur garments for all kind of occasions, but also you will find fur accessories, which are perfectly combined with night dresses

PT Furs PT Furs
(+30)24670 867-47

PT furs is a leading Fur Manufacturing Company located in Kastoria, Greece. It has been founded in 1964 in Frankfurt, Germany

Konstantinou Furs Konstantinou Furs
(+30)24670 286-20

All creations of the company «Konstantinou Furs» are manufactured with the highest quality standards of materials and work

(+30)2310 225-900

The FUR & LEATHER SINCE 1917 XATZIIOANNOU company has been active in the fur and leather sector since 1917.

Nevris Furs Nevris Furs
(+30)24670 431-72

The company NEVRIS was founded by I. Kaltsiadis and M. Tsiloglou in 1975 in Argos Orestiko, Kastoria, a region with a long-term and powerful presence in international furriery

Estel Furs Estel Furs
(+30)24670 829-10

We are a company, that three generations now, combine Greek furs' finest quality with the incomparable Italian style

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