Active Sable House
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Finezza Furs Finezza Furs
(+30)24670 233-12

Our company stands out for the high quality of skins, chosen at the world's largest auction houses, as well as for designing elegant and fashionable garments

Voss Furs Voss Furs
(+30)28970 267-00

Voss Furs is one of the biggest and most significant Fur Shopping Centres in Europe (Crete Greece), over 30 worldwide known fur brands and more than 5000 fur garments

By Lazaros By Lazaros
(+30)24670 212-05

Specialized in the field of design, supervision, control and manufactures luxury high quality products and aesthetics, with fur and leather

Avanti Avanti
(+30)24670 85-900

The company «Avanti», specializing in the fur industry, was founded by Argyris Kranias in 1864 in the greek town of Kastoria

Aris Furs Aris Furs
(+30)2310 535-112

Aris Furs company was founded in Thessaloniki, first as a small family business in 1980

Nitsa Furs Nitsa Furs
(+30)24670 21-355

The highly skilled, dynamic and entrepreneurial experience of owner Athanasios Mitsiadis, has made the company standing between the most qualitative fur companies in Greece

Erton Group Erton Group
(+30)24670 852-03

The company's products focus on the needs and requirements of modern women for which the style is essential

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