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Gallery Diamond

Address: Mitropoleos 40 & Karolou Dil, Thessaloniki

Phone: (+30)2310 233-151

GALLERY DIAMOND has exclusive co-operation with the best diamond manufacturers, and diamond brokers in the field, mainly from the Antwerp diamond market, members of the ANTWERP DIAMOND BOURSE, while having also the ability of entering the markets of Israel, New York and India.

The distinctive element of the company consists in its characteristic flexibility, due to the vertical structure of the company. GALLERY DIAMOND provides solutions to it's costumers, in everything as far as diamonds are concerned, from the selection of the appropriate precious stone, according to the customer's desire, to the selection of the jewelry's design and its realization.

Value, quality and authenticity of diamonds over 0,30 - 0,40CT, are certified by GALLERY DIAMOND and have been provided by the internationally recognized certificates, issued by the DIAMOND HIGH COUNCIL (HRD), the GEMOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF AMERICA (GIA) and the INTERNATIONAL GEMOLOGICAL INSTITUTE (IGI),

We provide:

  • All qualities
  • International Certification
  • Big variety
  • Shipment all over the world by FEDEX insured.
  • Tailor Made Jewelry for the diamond you selected