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Grill bars

«Savvikos Grill-bar» «Savvikos Grill-bar»
(+30)2310 510-910

Since 1947, we honor the words of grandpa Savvikos through every recipe we create, insisting on top quality and traditional taste

Kountourianos Grill Kountourianos Grill

Kountourianos Grill - traditional flavors with the purest ingredients

«Psisou sta karvouna» «Psisou sta karvouna»
(+30)2310 235-814

Since 2006, our customers trust us for the excellent quality of our products, so the traditional taste remains the same. We are next to the White Tower

Garry´s the king of giros Garry´s the king of giros
(+30)23740 533-27

Juicy and fresh meat - that's the reason why everyone prefers Garry's the king. In addition, the important fact is the cleanliness of the store combined with a pleasant and friendly environment