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Halkidiki Natura

At Natura Halkidiki you will find traditional high quality products from Halkidiki and all over Greece. All the products offered are carefully selected to preserve all their natural features.

You will also find natural cosmetics such as mastic-spa, oleander (B 10), Santorini volcano lava, donkey milk,

Various soaps made from olive oil, donkey milk and lava in branded companies that have over 90% natural ingredients.

Halkidiki olive oil, extra virgin, many Greek drinks as well as spices of the famous Safrane saffron and mastic of Chios.

Address: Hanioti, Kassandra 630 85, Halkidiki

Phone: (+30) 23740 533-23


Halkidiki Natura - Hanioti

(+30) 23740 533-23

Halkidiki Natura - Paliouri

(+30) 23740 923-46

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