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Halvadopoiia Giannitson Georgios Papastavrou is the third generation of a family business that has been operating in producing halvah, tahini (sesame seeds paste) and loukoumia (Turkish delight) since 1924. The factory is a vertical production unit, which means that we produce the raw material tahini ourselves. The sesame seeds are washed, roasted in stainless tanks according to the hygiene specification, ground in traditional stonemills and that is how tahini is made. Tahini is the basic ingredient for the uniquely homemade halvah of Giannitsa in various flavours. The standard flavours are vanilla, vanilla-cocoa and nuts. The newly introduced flavours are fig, orange, cranberry, dark chocolate, wholegrain and stevia (for the diabetics).

Our factory is at 2nd km between Giannitsa and Edessa and there are also two stores, the traditional one in Giannitsa and the brand new “traditional” one in the centre of Thessaloniki (20, Venizelou str).

Enjoy hot halvah right from the cauldron every morning and have a try at all of these special flavours. We are waiting to welcome you to either of our stores where you will have the chance to taste both delicious and nutritious treasures.

Address: 2 stores (Thessaloniki & Giannitsa)

Phone: (+30) 2310 222-260


Halvas Giannitson - Thessaloniki

20 Venizelou Str, Thessaloniki 546 24, Macedonia
(+30) 2310 222-260

Halvas Giannitson - Giannitsa

8 Dimitriou Str, Giannitsa 581 00, Macedonia
(+30) 23820 222-86

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