Icons Koin.S.Ep.

The Social Cooperative ICONS Koin.S.Ep Company. created by experienced hagiographers and art historians with objective and purpose to highlight and promote the Byzantine art. It forms part of the" Orthodox Church and social innovation" program.

By copying icons with traditional techniques proven over time promote classical Athonite tradition known through the centuries, we make  in any dimension required in natural drying wood linden, oak, etc. or high quality plywood faced or birch. We use 24 carat gold or any color requested.Unique masterpieces by using traditional materials and by decorating them with an extensive variety of choices (burnished  water gilding on flat surfaces ,beaten,with relief halos,engraved patters,insertion of gemstones,pearls etc.).

Following the collaboration of ICONS Koin.S.Ep.and  the innovative kind of company ARTISPREMIUM REPLICAS we are able to offer and reproducing exact copies by the method of museum print of an advanced technology used in all museums around the world.

The ARTIS PREMIUM REPLICAS products make it easier to obtain an image in the most advantageous price in any dimension and with any technique of gilding requested.

Using natural wood with traditional preparation and gold leaf 24 carat ensure greater durability and high quality image copies.

All of our paintings are accompanied by luxurious casing and optionally  can bring your business brand  name on it .Ensuring the safest and proper transportation of the artwork.

On the backside  is stamped  with the necessary guarantees of handmade artwork and also stamped by the Byzantine Museum for their lawful possession and the legal transfer abroad.

With respect and faith in the tradition of the Orthodox church, our creative team, choosing the best fabrics and materials, designs and produces holy embroidery and original articles covering the needs of the churches . With inspreration and devotion  we produce  cotton handmade cases for holy bread, ribbons Gospels, christening set (chrisoms, towels ..), ministry gowns, temples linen (tablecloths, napkins ..) bookmarks.

That way we cover the production of goods and services for the satisfaction of collective needs (culture, utilization of local products, maintaining traditional activities and professions) promoting local and collective interest, promote employment, strengthening social cohesion and strengthening local and regional development

Staying faithful to the principles of ICONS Koin.S.Ep. where is :

A) Promoting social benefits through the production of goods or provision of collective and social services.
B) Preceded the individual and the job.
C) Using  profits for employment growth and the expansion of work.

Yours sincerely
Nicolaidou Stella
Sales Director

Photos: Nick Seidaridis (Sofinis) - Photographer with heart

Nick Seidaridis (Sofinis)

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