The Athens Gate Hotel
City-centre hotel with stunning panoramic views
The Athens Gate Hotel
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Around this beautiful sea it is vital to be innovative, daring, and straightforward in order to survive.

The irresistible Aegean light makes the lines look thinner and points out the essential.

The heart opens up, the mind clears, senses get sharpened.

We address those who love to visit Aegean again and again and want to take a part of it with them.

INSPIRA shops are located in Chania and Heraklion.

Address: 2 shops in Crete

Phone: (+30) 2810 335-397


Inspira - Heraklion

2 Papa Alexandrou E Str, Heraklion, 712 02, Crete
(+30) 2810 335-397

INSPIRA - Chania

14 Angelou Str, Chania, 731 31, Crete
(+30) 2821 400-060

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