Ioanna Siopi

The firm of bridal dresses «Ioanna Siopi» has started its course since 1991 by Mrs Ioanna Siopi.

She has become very popular for the vanguard bridal dresses, which she brought from abroad. Bridal dresses either eccentric of romantic ones which have stolen the heart of the Greek bride.

Today, with resource the experience of many years at the space of bridal dress, we feel proud that we can realize the dream of every bride with the best possible way.

In a very warm, friendly environment, Mrs Siopi and her collaborators will inform you about the new tendencies of fashion, concerning bridal dresses, as well as accessories, coiffure wedding sugared almonds, tapers, garlands etc.

Also we dispose bridal-dresses in large sizes for girls with rich attributes. If you want your bridal-dress to be really exceptional visit us at our shop at 16 Tsimiski steet, 1st floor, Thessaloniki.

Address: 16 Tsimiski Str, 1st floor, Thessaloniki 54624

Phone: (+30)2310 240-440