Jeep AVC Antonelis

AVC JEEP ANTONELIS is the official representative of JEEP in Greece. It operates in a “state of the art” establishment, equipped with the most advanced technologies, comprising a model for integrated car facility.

The company provides a wide range of services, aiming at the most effective customer satisfaction.

The luxurious showroom of new models of JEEP will astonish even the most demanding customer, while our salesmen will respond to your queries and update you on every aspect of information you are seeking.

Our authorized Engine Service Department in conjugation with the Body Repair and Paint facilities will accommodate your needs, with emphasis in quality and expedience of services.  Original and matching quality spare parts are available from our special Spare-Parts Department.

The human potential of AVC JEEP ANTONELIS are highly trained and skilled professional car engineers.

AVC JEEP ANTONELIS also includes an Insurance Department, so that you can always be assured and secured for your car, with ideal solutions according to your personal needs and options.

Our Accessories Department completes our overall facilities, offering to JEEP lovers the opportunity to equip your vehicle according to your personal and unique choice.

Last, but not least, AVC JEEP ANTONELIS offers you a specially designed 4.000 m2 arena the “JEEPCAMP”, which serves as test vehicle track, with ramps and bumps that will check and prove the power and abilities of your car, and offer you an exhilarating experience.

Are you all set?

We are ready for you!

Address: 9-th km Thessaloniki-Moudania, 57001

Phone: (+30)2310 489-500