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Aloe Vera: A plant with uinique skills

Aloe Vera is an ancient and unique plant which has therapeutic and cosmetic skills. It is a jel in the leaves of aloe, which has more than 200 nutritious ingredients that is the strength the other’s action, setting this plant a valuable ally for a person’s face in relation to the health and the long life.

Our products ensure health and beauty at the same time. The Kaloe products are exclusively from biological cultivation from the greek province (Crete, Peloponnese and many islands of the Aegean Sea) where the climate and the ground conditions are favorable for the quality and potentials of Barbadensis Miller< widely well known as <aloe Vera>. It is considered the most powerful from all the 360 kinds of Aloe that exist in the world. We can guarantee that it is clear without having any admixtures or raw materials of doubtful origin.

Our company is a fully researching team. It is a unique Greek company which was created for an exclusive goal: to tranfer useful elements of the human nature. We use the science of the diet giving emphasis on the medical and cosmetic skills of greek Aloe Vera. Our goal is to make the difference on the daily life of people giving rejunevation through detoxification and strenghtening of our immune system.


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Kaloe - Stavroupoli

17 Navarinou & Edessis Str, Stavroupoli

Kaloe - Ermou

Ermou, Thessaloniki