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Kalypso Star & Sea Lions




This is a combination of two excursions in one

1) A trip to CORFU TOWN by bus



With the Corfu Explorer we offer transfer by luxury busses from all over the Island to Corfu town.

When a bus arrives at the OLD PORT  we explain to the clients all the details of the rest of the day such as:  the name of the place they have just arrived and they are going to leave from in the evening, how to get to the old CORFU town and how they come back, WHAT TIME THEY’LL GO ON THE BOAT, exchanging their tickets with boarding cards at the same time.

So the clients will spent one hour on the boat and the rest (about 3 hours ) inside Corfu town,  shopping or hanging around , visiting churches, the Town Hall Square, the two fortresses, the main square , or having a coffee at the famous Liston.



The KALYPSO STAR  is a specially constructed boat for Undersea Cruises. It is not a submarine, but a surface trimaran boat, witch can accommodate 49 passengers on each trip. It is made of Aluminum  and unbreakable transparent material and controlled by instruments of the highest accuracy. With it’s large bay windows the Kalypso Star gives everybody, no matter what age or physical ability, the opportunity to explore and enjoy the Sea world, with the endless variety of fish and plants.

The boat leaves from the OLD PORT in CORFU TOWN every hour. It takes about 5 minutes to get behind VIDO island (the small island witch is opposite the old port) and there we slow down to have the first look at the  bottom of the sea. After 5 more minutes we arrive at the reef where we stop for the first Show with the Divers.

Experienced  divers  surrounded by fish , swim among them,  feed  them and show to us some of the most strange forms of  sea life,  such as lobsters, star fish, octopus e.t.c. and we have a very good chance to take some wonderful  underwater photos. Then we move next to the special floating structure where we will meet up with our Sea Lions watch our experience staff as they feed and play with our adorable pinnipeds, which we must mention, were born in captivity, in a swimming pool and now are living in the open sea. On the way back   we admire the OLD CORFU TOWN with it’s two fortresses as it appears from the sea.


So we offer appart of the visit to Corfu town

a)    an underwater Cruise        b) show with Divers        c) Sea Lions encounter and

d) mini  cruise around Vidos isl. to admire the view of Corfu town.

The cruise lasts one hour.

The OLD PORT is in the heart of the city. Is the terminal of almost all the busses for the town, 150 meters

from the shopping area and 10 minutes away from Liston and the main square.(SPIANADA).

This cruise is a best seller for families with children.They love it.


In case of cancellation of the Cruise because of Weather conditions, the clients will get Refund only the value of the Cruise and they spent their time in Corfu Town.

41 Ksen. Stratigou St., Corfu

(+30) 26610 465-25

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