Your Favorite Department Stores with your favorite fashion Brands!

Kanellopoulos department stores are available at 4 places in Greece. Two of them are located in busy roads of Thessaloniki and the third bigger department of 6.000 square meters is at a distance of 15 min away from the center of the city. (+ One store in Larissa's center)

DesigualTrussardiCalvin KleinPepe JeansGuess

Franklin & MarshallConverseLevisNauticaTimberland

Department stores Kanellopoulos are an attraction for many tourists because within one store you can find more than 150 brands at the lowest price of the whole market. (Shops in a shop).

It is the ultimate fashion destination for shopping in designer men's, women's, children's clothing, shoes, accessories, cosmetics and perfumes.

By showing Grekomania application, in our shops you can get immediately 20% discount in our new collections!

Address: 4 department stores in Greece

Phone: (+30)2310 240-240

All department stores

Kanellopoulos - Lagκadas
12 km. Thessaloniki - Lagκadas
(+30)23940 25-810
    (+30)23940 23-353

Kanellopoulos - Larisa
Rousvelt 22, Larisa 41222
(+30)2410 539-038

Kanellopoulos - Mediterranean Cosmos
Mediterranean Cosmos trade center
(+30)2310 474-271

Kanellopoulos - Tsimiski
55 Tsimiski Str, 54623 Thessaloniki
(+30)2310 240-240