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Katogi Averoff Winery

Katogi Averoff Winery

The Katogi Averoff winery is in Metsovo, a mountain village built some 1100 metres above sea-level. The oldest parts of the winery date back to 1973, when work began on a new building required to cover the company’s ever-increasing production needs. Today, after eight separate extensions and renovations, the winery is equipped with all the contemporary equipment required for producing and bottling wine.

Its cellars can boast over 1200 oak barrels in which our red wines mature, while the winery shop offers rare and collectible bottles of wine for sale from its 1974 vintage on. A guided tour of the winery employs a range of audio-visual media to offer the visitor an original introduction to wine production and the history of the winery, and is rounded off with tastings of a selection of Katogi Averoff wines.

Address: Metsovo 44200, Epirus

Phone: (+30) 26560 314-90


Katogi Averoff - Metsovo

Metsovo, 44200, Epirus

Katogi Averoff - Nemea

Nemea, 20500, Peloponnese

Katogi Averoff - Anavissos

Anavissos, Attica

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