Kazaviti Restaurant

We serve and cater to our guests both indoors and outdoors on the village square which is itself idyllic with age old plain trees surrounding and shading the entire area, just 10 minutes from the beach!

Our priority is in serving local products which include locally grown fruits and vegetables. Through our association with these local farmers, our prices are naturally very competitive, making dining an altogether pleasurable experience.

Just some of our specialities include various spit and grilled meats from goat to pork, chicken or famous Greek lamb. We also offer delicious oven baked stuffed vegetables, various bean stews, roasted chicken and the renowned aubergine, mince-meat and potato dish Mousaka. Of course our delicious desserts are also part of your happy event when dining at KAZAVITI.

We look forward to your visit!

Address: 2 restaurants (Thassos and Thessaloniki)

Phone: (+30)25930 711-11

(+30)6972 053-342

Kazaviti Restaurant - Thassos
Megalos Prinos, 640 10,Thassos
(+30)25930 711-11

Kazaviti Restaurant - Thessaloniki
9 Katouni Str, Ladadika, 546 25, Thessaloniki
(+30)2310 553-141