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Cretan knives «Klinis»

Cretan traditional knives in «Klinis» factory

In 1971 Mr. John Klinis, when was child, was initiaded the art of Cretan knives, next to the best craftsmen of the time. Driven by the desire and mood for work, while having gained the necessary experience, he starts his own workshop with minimal technical resources.

The love and passion lead him to the evolution of both art and technique of making the highest quality knives on the island. The cultural value of the Cretan knife allows up to now the company's continued co-operation with most dealers in Crete. So, faithful to the famous Cretan tradition, sons of John Klinis (Manolis & George) follow the art of Cretan knives.

Our traditional laboratory can be found at VIO.PA.  Anopolis. As well as our exhibition in Tsalikaki Gazi.

Address: Heraklion 70008, Crete

Phone: (+30) 2810 822-062


Workshop «Klinis»

Anopoli, Heraklion 70008, Crete

«Klinis» Exhibition

12 Gr. Lambraki, Gazi, Heraklion 71304, Crete

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