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«Klio» cruise bar

by Grekomania

There are many different ways to see and explore Thessaloniki. And one of them leads straight to the sea. Klio is one of Thessaloniki’ s most iconic floating bars and if you just look towards the deep blue horizon you can’t miss it.

Either cruising the waters of Thermaikos Gulf or anchored right in front of the White Tower, it is always there, as an essential part of the city’ s seascape.

So get on board and enjoy one of Klio’s short cruises that guarantee the over the whole city!

Klio sails daily at noon and departs almost every hour from its designated point right next to the White Tower, continuing its scheduled cruises until midnight, coffee, beverages, several types of beer, drinks and great cocktails are served with tunes playing on the right volume.

Sail into the sunset while sipping your cocktail, enjoy the sea breeze and relax on the colourful deck bar.

The voyage begins….Get on board

Boarding point: White Tower

DEPARTURES                                                    ARRIVALS

12:00                                                                    12:30

13:30                                                                    14:00

15:00                                                                    15:30

16:30                                                                    17:00

18:00                                                                    18:30

19:30                                                                    20:00

21:00                                                                    21:30

22:30                                                                    23:00

00:00                                                                    00:30

01:30                                                                    02:00.

Seafront of Thessaloniki, near White Tower

(+30) 6944 477-417

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