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Ladi Tsouderos

Armed with fresh business ideas and a contemporary entrepreneurial approach, Vangelis Tsouderos successfully carries on the old family legacy of the olive oil business.

To this precious legacy Vangelis has added state-of-the-art bottling and labelling equipment and he is now aiming at new markets in the food industry worldwide: his life goal is to take the precious, unique in flavor and quality Cretan olive oil to every single food shop shelf, making it known as a truly special olive oil. Vangelis Tsouderos successfully incarnates the contemporary businessman: modern in mentality, active and competitive yet firmly rooted in his fatherland, a family-man with tradition-oriented ethos and sound values.

The Olive Oil Of Crete
Olive oil is the single most important element of the world-famous for its values Cretan Cuisine.

Its beneficial attributes were widely and well-known since ancient times and are confirmed at a later time after meticulous contemporary scientific research: Cretan olive oil is associated with longevity and overall health as it is a verified safeguard against cardiovascular disease, moderator of cholesterol, prevents thrombosis and is believed to guard against some forms of cancer.

How to use it
Cretan olive oil can be used in various many ways, successfully replacing other vegetable or animal fats. Your dishes will become wholesome, more intense, healthier for you even if you fry them.

Address: Asomatos, Rethymno, 74060, Crete

Phone: (+30) 28320 314-56

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