Monzouzou Monzouzou
(+30)2310 554-556

The Monzouzou hand embroidered leather bags are created in Thessaloniki by Anna Lazopoulou. Each model is designed and created only once, which makes every Monzouzou absolutely unique.

Papageorgiou Papageorgiou
(+30)23750 721-73

Walking in the center of Neos Marmaras, you will see in a very good point our store where you can choose comfortably furs or leather coats

Zenya Zenya
(+30)2310 266823

In an elegant space that exudes the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the 50s, we host collections of leather handbags and accessories

Leather 100 Leather 100
(+30)25210 332-00

Since 1992, the company monitors continuously the latest trends of the international market of leather clothing and offers to its customers, the best clothes and leather products at unbeatable prices

Forum Forum
(+30)26610 269-79

We have a collection of famous European and Greek leather handbags and belts for men & women

Lapel Fur-Leather Lapel Fur-Leather
(+30)28210 423-11

The top collection of leatherware, furs and accessories in Crete. Finest Quality at low Prices!

The sandals center The sandals center
(+30)22410 432-88

All our products are hand made from local and Cretan manufacturers that use natural greek leather

Schatzi Schatzi
(+30)2310 455-829

Schatzi is a luxury cutting-edge Limited-Bespoke-Edition Leather & Sheepskin Clothing Brand based in SKG, Hellas and stocklisting around the world

Lapel Lapel
(+30)2310 555-655

The biggest leather company in Greece, with 22 stores, own production factory which imports all the kinds of leather garments with top and quarantee quality of leather skins

Katerina's Greek Sandals Katerina's Greek Sandals

Our workshop manufactures Greek leather sandals since 1958. We choose the highest quality natural leather and with the art of cutting and our Greek passion you get the best sandals

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